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Author Topic: A couple of Shooter's Prayers  (Read 6908 times)

capn jack

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A couple of Shooter's Prayers
« on: January 25, 2011, 11:11:19 PM »

Lord, make me fast and accurate. Let my aim be true and my hand faster than those who would seek to destroy me.
Grant me victory over my foes and those that wish harm to me and mine.
Let not my last thought be “ If only I had my gun ”; and Lord if today is truly the day that You call me home,
let me die in a pile of empty brass. (Unknown)

And  this one:
Lord, when I die, please don't let my wife sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them. (Unknown)
Better to leave foot prints in the sands of time than a butt print


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Re: A couple of Shooter's Prayers
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2011, 11:12:56 AM »

Here’s to all hunters and our precious game,

...Here’s to our sport, may it always remain,

And to our fine lives lived on wild lands,

May aces and eights be our final hands,

When our souls above, when all’s been forgiven,

Through the gates we pass cause we’re no longer livin,

May it be clear with our word when we’d say,

I have but one request on my judgment day,

You see, it’s beautiful up here, don’t get me wrong,

But I was never much for soft cloud or sweet song,

You see, there’s nothing in heaven to keep testing my metal,

So send me to hell so I can hunt the Devil.
"A Warrior is challenged to assume responsibility, practice humility, and display
the power of giving, and then center his or her life around a core of spirituality.
I challenge today's youth to live like a warrior." ~ Billy Mills ~